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Meet our team

As a current team of three, each member in the Wehnes Group brings unique work and life experience to best help anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate. We focus on serving you through education, growth, and industry knowledge. 

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Laura Wehnes

Team Leader and

Real Estate Broker

Laura Wehnes has served the St. Louis community for 18 years, delivering her clients extraordinary experiences with strong market knowledge, honesty, and ease.


Laura has always lived in St Louis. With degrees in Finance and Banking and Real Estate as well as an MBA, Laura is an avid learner. This eagerness to learn translates into her passion for understanding the unique situation of each client so she can help them in the most effective way possible. 


Laura enjoys helping people find the house and area that fits their needs, assisting people with the moving process, and helping clients acclimate to their new environment.


Laura Schulte

Real Estate Consultant

After serving the St. Louis community for over 20 years in nonprofit work and education, Laura Schulte took a leap into real estate. She found her passion for the process of finding and purchasing a property when buying a B&B in Hermann, MO in 2020 that she now owns and operates. Laura joined the Wehnes Group team in February, 2022.

Her experiences all have in common that she was allowed to serve others, which she carries over with her into the real estate business. Laura is excited to continue her passion of service by helping others navigate the decisions made throughout the processes of buying and selling homes. 


Nancy Slade

Director of Marketing

Real Estate Consultant

Nancy got her start in real estate in 1989 when she worked for a city developer managing and leasing apartments in Soulard, Shaw and the Central West. She wore a non-profit hat for many years and most recently left her position of twenty years in the St. Louis weddingas a writer and magazine editor.


After a 33+ year hiatus, Nancy returned to real estate and has joined the Wehnes Group Team as an agent and will be leading our marketing and communication efforts. If it has to do with social media, events or community partnerships, you can be sure Nancy is helping to make it happen!

Our Values

Honesty & Transparency. Market Knowledge. Experiences. Family. Positive Impact. Service & Community.

We believe in delivering our clients outstanding experiences, and with that comes strong values. We know how important it is to have transparency throughout the buying and selling processes so that things can go as smoothly as possible and to eliminate any confusion. There are many moving parts in real estate, and it can be difficult to navigate. That's why we say we're on your team - to make the process understandable for you and your unique situation. We build your trust by communicating with honesty and providing you relevant market knowledge to give you the information you need to know. Ultimately, we want to make the experience as simple and enjoyable as possible, because after all you are starting a new chapter of your life, and that should be celebrated. We know these kinds of experiences are ones you and your family will take with you through your life's journey. We aim for you to remember it fondly, and for you to be able to say you and your family found the right fit. That is part of our hope of creating positive impacts. This goes beyond real estate too, as we hope to create positivity by supporting and even serving our local communities.

We are here for you, and promise that our clients always come first. We're on your team.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help our clients and customers build wealth through real estate worldwide. We give you valuable resources and information to help you invest in real estate so you are confident in your real estate and wealth building journeys.

In all of our processes, we strive to provide service that is honest and knowledgeable of the market, and with a problem-solving approach.

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